Who we are

"All else" is the most spontaneous name with which this product is defined, when comparisons are attempted; Bio, Vegan and tasty, simply "Everything else". And in the kitchen at home, the passion of Raul Pennino, the creator of this adventure, that the recipe for "Tutt'Altro" was born.

Raul says: “Yes, that's right. I tried and tried again with the intention of creating dishes and dishes that my body could tolerate. Our first product was born between the stoves of our kitchen, and with the support of my wife. And it was good and not just for me "Family and friends, an unconscious test bed." But it goes much further. Raul continues: “Without any purpose, but only and simply with curiosity, I went over the threshold of my house. I prepared a ragù with my stew and without revealing anything to anyone, we served it at Sunday lunch. The result amazed me. Nobody noticed the trick and when we revealed the secret, it took us a while to convince everyone that they hadn't eaten the classic stew. I was more than satisfied, I no longer had the meat, but I kept the tradition ”.