Dal "Siete pazzi ?!" al "Mi fai assaggiare?"

From "Are you crazy ?!" to "Will you let me taste?"

Many times, especially during the holidays, we are forced to suffer judgments and glances from those who eat grilled meat. They look at you as if you were crazy because you give up an "infinite pleasure" in the name of who knows which "fashion ideal of the moment" ... Then comes your dish .. like this Mixed Slice / Ciccia / Cicky from the Tutt 'house Other

and away to all the controversy that those who eat these products know well .. Questions and answers among the most common: if you do not eat meat why do you eat "fake meat"? Because I like it, because it is good and I don't harm any creature ... If meat makes you sick, why buy products that imitate it? All the ugliness that revolves around the flesh disgusts us, especially animal suffering. These products allow us to replace meat and not the traditional recipes we are used to. etc. etc. etc.

Then, during the meal something magical happens ... Someone notices the light that emanates in that micro smile that accompanies every single bite, that smile that says to the rest of the diners: I HAVE MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE! And it is your choice that makes you so interesting in everyone's eyes, so different, so far ...

You notice it when you hear phrases like: lucky you, I would not succeed , or tell me more about this choice is interesting ... But the thing that gives me more satisfaction is when, after monitoring you all the time, the most daring ones arrive with a nice: "LET ME TASTE?"

- Raul -

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